The team at ALL-TERRAIN SERVICES spent time researching machines from around the world. Our aim was to source machines that were reliable, efficient and also met our highest safety standards, so we could offer a service that went above and beyond.

We went to varying sites and trialled many different machines, putting them through vigorous testing to find those that met all our requirements and ticked all the boxes.

After much careful thought and consideration, we narrowed down our search to the extreme machines that you see on site today.

‘We are very happy with our extreme machines!‘
Darryn Leslie, All-Terrain Services

MEEt "agria", our remote-controlled rotary mulcher

All-Terrain Services has gone even MORE EXTREME - introducing our new remote-controlled rotary mulcher - the Agria 9600.

This heavy duty track machine has all the grunt and determination to cut light brush, gorse and mow long grass on steep slopes up to 50 degrees. The Agria 9600 will out-perform any other slope mowing alternatives on all types of terrain in all weather.



  • The innovative Hybrid Drive concept reduces the lubricants to an absolute minimum, making the machine more efficient and environmentally friendly - for use in sensitive areas such as water protection areas
  • The Replacement-Fuel-Cannister System allows the cannisters to be removed and refuelled off-site
  • The low profile is optimal for tight spaces and around trees & the custom made tracks keep the machine safe on extreme slopes with a lower ground pressure than a human
  • Dual electric motors for zero turn capability allows mowing in both directions saving time and money
  • High grass rotary mulcher mowing mechanism - 2 blade carrier with 4 swing blades allows an identical quality cut both forwards and backwards
  • Emergency shut-off switch on the remote control
  • Emergency shut-off switch on the machine
  • Automatic shutdown when the transmission signal is lost
  • Ability to turn off the blades separately
  • Automatic LED strobe light when machine is running

‘All-Terrain Services are the only contractors in Auckland that use this innovative remote-controlled rotary mulcher.’
Jacqui Leslie, All-Terrain Services


This extreme machine has all the grunt and determination to cut brush and long grass on steep slopes of up to 30 degrees.


  • Mowing width up to 1800mm
    Low centre of gravity – the compact frame is designed with a low centre of gravity to give the tractor superior stability on slopes
    Wide stance – the Dual wheels provide increased safety and stability on hillsides on slopes up to 30 degrees
    All-Wheel Drive - full-time, all-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers maximum performance and traction on slopes
    Traction control – the Ventrac’s innovative weight transfer system improves traction, braking, and side-slope steering security by shifting a portion of the front attachment weight onto the tractor
  • Increased Safety - with the attachment mounted in front of the tractor, you have excellent visibility of work, creating a safer environment for the operator and bystander


  • · Mowing & mulching
  • · Paddock mowing
    · Stump grinding
    · Power raking - ideal for leveling rough ground and removing rocks and debris (e.g. driveways and horse arenas)
    · Turf aeration - ideal for hard used areas under stress by heavy foot or vehicle traffic (sporting venues)
  • · Debris clearing


"To anyone interested in clearing their unkept long grass, gorse on a slope.

Darryn and Jacqui were very helpful, given that our property is 60 kms away. They went out of their way to understand exactly what we wanted before heading off to undertake the task.

As our tractor had broken down, our Olive Grove was overgrown with long grass, some areas hadn't been properly cleared due to the steep slope of the land since we first established the olive grove 5 years ago. Darryn and Jacqui cleared the block before picking, unfortunately they had to work in the rain to get the job. They cut back the long grass and went out of their way to clear the total grove.

On time and on budget. Thanks Darryn and Jacqui."

Lynn and Peter Hart, Chapel Grove Limited

"We have a 35 acre block with a steep varied terrain near Wainui. The All-Terrain Services team arrived on time with a positive attitude.They quickly and efficiently surveyed the land and in consultation planned the most cost efficient and effective methods to rid us of our gorse infestation ( much of which is very old and in inaccessible places that other companies have been unable to reach!). The machinery used was space age like ! We have been absolutely delighted by their competitive price, professionalism and speed in which the task was completed.
Jacqui and Darryn are a friendly team yet success driven and let no obstacle stand in their way. We cannot recommend them highly enough and have no hesitation in recommending or using their services in the future."

Jane & Gary Rouse, Wainui , Auckland

"With my large and very steep 6 acre lifestyle block keeping on top of the very long grass and scrub was a major for me.But with Allterrain services and their amazing machine mowing machine “George” it has become a breeze. Incredible result on some very steep slopes all done with absolute precision and safety in mind.
Great to see a husband and wife team like Darren and Jackie in action and a pleasure to share a cuppa and sandwich with at lunch break. Highly recommend for those big tough jobs!!"

Paul Biegel, Tawharanui , Auckland

"Excellent job, such geninue and kind people, fantastic communication, would highly recommend"

adrianne poweR,Silverdale, Auckland

"Darryn & Jacqui did an amazing job of mowing and clearing gorse which was taking over. And at a very reasonable price. Thanks again guys!"

kirsty hilliam, Clevedon, Auckland

FAQ Section

How close to the ground can the brush cutter mow?

The cutting height is adjustable - these brush cutters can trim grass down to a finish you'd expect to see in a park or your back lawn!

Do the tracks damage the ground?

Generally no, however there can be some disturbance to the top soil when the machines turn in a restricted area.

Is the machine noisy?

Considering the work that they do, they are not too noisy. But we do wear ear protection as a long term precaution.

Can the machines go under low branches?

The operator can use the side shift function (500mm left or right) to reach under low branches, while the compact size of Terrain Terror enables access under low branches with ease.

How fine is the mulch that is left?

This depends on the brush cutter used, the type of material being cut and the type of terrain.

I have access problems

Give us a call and we can come and have a look at access to your property.

Can the All-Terrain machines manage bamboo?

Yes, and gorse amongst other things.

What height can All-Terrain Services manage to cut down?

Generally, if the machine can push the vegetation over, then it will mulch it down to the cutter height.